White on white violence in Waco, Texas gets a different response

bikers after shooting in Waco, Texas

Many observers, for example here and here, are noting the rather disparate way murderous bikers who shot at police in Waco, Texas were treated compared to protestors in Ferguson and Baltimore.

The latest incidence of white-on-white crime has been treated completely different by the US media and officials.

Instead, as one observer noted, a patter has emerged in the US where unarmed blacks killed by a white men are seen has having probably provoked the killing. The official response to protest is usually if you care about young black men, why aren't you more concerned about black-on-black violence?

The "same pattern doesn't hold even when white-on-white crime unfolds in full view of the nation, as it did in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks Restaurant on Sunday."

Officials in Waco did not describe the murderous bikers as thugs as President Obama and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake described the poor black rioters in Baltimore who were protesting an alleged murder as opposed to having just committed nine murders and being involved in a shootout with police.

The police did not bring out armored vehicles, neither did the governor of Texas call out the national guard, although there were reports of impending further violence potentially from outside bikers moving in to reinforce their gangs in Waco.

Apparently none of the bikers were put in choke holds. The bikers were not seen face down on the ground with police knees in their backs. They were escorted into police vans as opposed to being roughed up, bundled, and thrown into police vans.

Instead they were shown sitting around, some twiddling on their cell phones. Note, in the picture above, the police officer has his back turned to people who moments before were involved in a fire fight with the police.

One tweet noted that, "The news is describing the Waco biker gangs as an established part of American life. If they were black, they would all be thugs by now."