Venezuela's Maduro Demands Europe Pay Reparations over ‘African Holocaust’

Maduro on reparations

Maduro paid homage to independence fighter Pedro Camejo, the only black military officer who fought against the Spanish in the independence army of Simon Bolivar. | Photo: Presidential Press

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed support for the Caribbean call for reparations from their former colonial powers, in an address to the country on Wednesday. Maduro expressed his support for those 15 Caribbean nations seeking reparations from former slave-trading nations, including the U.K., France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

“Our brothers from the Caribbean Community and Petrocaribe have raised their voice to demand from Europe for one of the greatest holocausts in history–the African–during which 50 million women and men of our African grandparents were kidnapped from their land, from their roots, to be brought to America as slaves,” Maduro said.

“Europe must indemnify the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean for the African holocaust.”

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