US Congressman Boehner's Daughter Lindsey And Dreadlocks Dominic Lakhan Are Married

Lindsey Boehner and Dominic Lakhan's wedding

Photo: The New York Daily News

Lindsay Boehner and Dominic Lakhan were married  last Friday evening at sunset, in a tropical setting, at Sundy House's Taru Garden in Delray Beach, Florida.

Lakhan who reportedly looked dapper in a gray suit, sporting dreadlocks "extending to his waist," exchanged vows with Lindsey Boehner at the bed-and-breakfast in the presence of  the bride's father, John Boehner, Speaker of the US House of Representative, the brides mother, and about 60 guests.

Despite Congressman Boehner's standing as the highest ranking Republican official, the guest list was reportedly devoid of politicians.

Unfortunately, many people in the media, such as the  the New York Daily News writer, are still carping about Lakhan's dreadlocks and the fact he was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession back in 2006.

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