Turks & Caicos Grace Bay is the best beach in the world

grace bay beach

Photo credit: www.turkscaicosluxuryvillas.com

In a survey of the the 40 best beaches on earth,  Grace Bay Beach on the small island of Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Islands, just north of Haiti, near the Bahamas, and about an hour and a half flight from Miami, has been voted the number one beach in the world.

Despite its  very small size, Providenciales (also called Provo) has excellent beaches.  Grace Bay beach is noted for its blue-green water that sometimes makes the white clouds seem tinted green due to reflection.

Not only is Grace Bay beach very  long and free of crowds, it is surrounded by reefs that makes it a snorkeler's delight. The survey notes that, everyone who sets foot on the white sands of Grace Bay conclusions it is paradise.