Top 10 up and coming female Soca artistes from the Caribbean

Danielle Veira

Danielle Veira

Each day we will feature a different artist, ranked in reverse order, starting with number ten and ending with the number one up and coming female soca artist.

1. Imani (Barbados)

2. Jojo (Trinidad and Tobago)

3. Darnella (Trinidad and Tobago)

4. Megan Walrond (Trinidad and Tobago)

5. Nekoyan (Grenada)

6. Danielle Veira (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)

7. Valene Nedd (Grenada)

8. Tamisha Nicholls (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)

9. Kimmy (Antigua and Barbuda)

10. Marie Anne (St. Lucia)

Top 10 up and coming male Soca artists

Although soca is highly male dominated, the importance of female soca artistes cannot be denied: Destra Garcia, Alison Hinds, Claudette Peters and Patrice Roberts are known all over the world for their powerful voices, melodic tunes and their sexy dance moves. And there are many talented young women who are following in their footsteps and working just as hard to make a name for themselves.

While all their contributions are greatly appreciated, Caribbean Events presents to you the top ten most dynamic, hard-hitting up and coming female soca artists from the Caribbean right now.

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