The President Of Uruguay Sets An Example For National Leaders

Redefining Wealth, Power and the Good Life.

Jose Mujica, Uruguay's President and former Tupamaros guerilla, shuns the trappings of wealth and power and believes that leaders must be brought down a notch for democracy to function properly.

His party has worked to make the presidency less venerated. True to his beliefs, Mr. Mujica choose not to reside in the presidential mansion but lives in his humble farmhouse outside Montevideo with his wife also a former guerilla. 

Uruguay ranks among the least corrupt and least unequal nations in South America and is also one of the safest on the continent. Mr. Mujica sees the priority many societies place on economic growth as a problem because of the demands on the planet's resources.

Editor's Note: This article was first published  on January 6, 2013. From time to time we will republish articles of great importance to our readers.