No.8 up and coming female soca artist: Tamisha Nicholls (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)


8. Tamisha Nicholls (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)


Tamisha started her singing career at the age of 19 and is slowly becoming one of the great female singers in soca music.

Many people became familiar with Tamisha in 2013 when she released Vincy Whining Boss and more so with the release of We Pumping, in 2014. The songs got her first and second place at the 2014 Vincy New Song competition in the Ragga Soca and Soca competitions respectively.

She released another hit, the melodic What yuh drinking (D Most Strong Rum), in which she urged her fans to direct her to the best fetes for Vincy Mas.

Although she now lives in the U.S., Tamisha makes sure she fully participates in Vincy Mas each year. Nicholls is slowly building her repertoire and there seems to be nothing but bright stars in her future.

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