No. 10 up and coming female soca artist: Marie Anne (St. Lucia)


10. Marie Anne (St. Lucia)

There’s groovy soca music and then there’s Marie-Anne’s groovy soca. This songbird from St. Lucia has one of the most soothing, sultry voices in soca today. She is known throughout the kweyol speaking island not only for her vocals, but also for her interesting choice of material.

While many others devote their lyrics to explaining the splendor of Caribbean carnivals, Marie-Anne’s tracks tend to take on a slightly different approach. Often referred to as the “man stress” artiste of soca music.  The Curaçaon born is the voice behind the popular groovy soca track “Cheating” which landed her a spot in the St. Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch* finals in 2007 and the International Soca Monarch* semi-finals in 2008.

Cheating also afforded Marie-Anne two International Soca Music Awards nominations in that same year. Many of her other tracks include Text Buddy, Jackie (Man does come, man does go) and Lucian Bacchanal. Marie-Anne is a very popular female voice in St. Lucia and has been a consistent finalist in the St. Lucia Soca monarch since 2008.

Her collaboration with fellow St. Lucian Ricky-T and Dj Fly on the single Jiggle It for St. Lucia’s 2014 carnival has been getting good reviews from the Caribbean music community.

*The International Soca Monarch competition is an annual dual-contest soca music event. The finals are held every Carnival Friday (aka Fantastic Friday) in Trinidad and Tobago. Contestants compete for two separate crowns or titles, the International Soca Monarch (aka the Power Soca Monarch) for uptempo songs, and International Groovy Soca Monarch for slower-paced songs.

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