Nigeria bests US Ebola response, as Texas misseps in first ebola death

Last Thursday, Rachel Maddow, the host of a MSNBC nightly television show, asked some tough questions about how Texas authorities were handling Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola diagnoses in the United States. 

Note: Maddow confuses Lagos (Nigeria's largest city)  with Abuja (Nigeria's capital)

Maddow followed up last night by asking some questions which are on many people's mind about whether the United States could have done more to save Thomas Eric Duncan who died yesterday in Dallas, Texas.

She wondered why other Ebola patients had received blood transfusions from Ebola survivors as part of their treatment, but Duncan did not. 

"Is it possible that he didn't get as high a standard of treatment as the other patients have gotten in this country?

Maddow then strongly criticized the hospital where Duncan turned up for initially failing to recognize Duncan's symptoms and sending him home.

"Could he have been saved had he been treated right from the beginning of his symptoms?" 

She said, "We've now had exactly one patient diagnosed with Ebola for the first time in this country and he is the one patient treated for Ebola in this country who has died... How badly did we screw this up?"