Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech 50 years later

On August 28th, 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King gave his "I have a dream" speech to more than 200,000 Americans who had marched on Washington DC to demand equal rights and justice for all the United States citizens under the law.

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the speech. Many of the issues  Dr. King raised in his speech such as poverty, police brutality and racial discrimination are still evident in the New York City police departments' "Stop and Frisk"  searches that a federal judge recently ruled violate the constitutional rights of minorities. And then there are the "Stand your Ground" laws enacted across the United States that have lead to the killings of black youths such as Trevon Martin which, in relation to the victories of the civil rights struggle, seem to have similar intent to the Jim Crow Laws that were intended to roll back the freedoms blacks gained through emancipation.

We are asking you, particularly our US readers, to share your thoughts and personal experiences with us about how Dr. King's speech impacted your life and to share your assessment of how much progress towards racial justice, or lack thereof, American society has made in the 50 years since Dr. King's speech.

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