India and Manmohan Singh no longer get a pass in the west

Beware of American adulations!

According to veteran diplomat and writer M K Bhadrakumar,  the US has determined that Prime Minister Manmohna Singh has become a “burnt-out case” and is of no more use to them. The "PM’s experience should be an eye-opener for all Indian politicians, especially the GenNext. The Americans can be ass kissers when there is some chance for them to make money. So, American adulations shouldn’t go to the heads of the Indian leaders. It will be hilarious to go through some of the things that the Americans (and our guys) wrote and spoke about our PM when the 2008 nuclear deal was being negotiated. He was then the paragon of all virtues." Almost on cue, the western press seams to have stopped giving India a pass. You can read the story here.