Haitian judge orders arrest of former president Aristide


Haitian judge Lamarre Bélizaire issued an arrest warrant for former president Jean Bertrand Aristide and says he expects the police to bring Aristide before him by force if necessary.

Aristide's lawyers subsequently filed a motion to have judge Bélizaire removed on the grounds of bias.

Raymond Jean-Michel, Dean of Port Au Prince first instance court, confirmed on Tuesday that he had received a copy of a motion seeking recusal and disqualification of Justice Bélizaire on the grounds of bias.

Aristide and several of his former colleagues have been accused of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars from 2001-04 through his organisation, Aristide for Democracy Foundation.

Aristide and his colleagues including Mirlande Liberus, Yvon Neptune, Jean Nesty Lucien and Gustave Faubert, have also been banned from leaving the country.

Supporters of Aristide have been gathering near his home in a show of support.

A spokesman for Aristide's Lavalas Family party, Ansyto Felix, said efforts to prosecute Aristide were part of a plan by the Michel Martelly government to persecute political opponents, on the eve of elections.

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