Digital talking head: The Face of the future?

Zoe, digital talking head

Zoe a digital talking head, created by researchers at the University of Cambridge, may well represent the "face of the future," a future that may be closer than many of us realize. 

 Click on the video for a demonstration

We are becoming increasingly familiar with "conversing" with robotic assistants such as GPS, Google Search and Apple's Siri. However, according to researchers at Cambridge University In Britain, our conversations with robotic aids remain disembodied and impersonal.

To make these "conversations" more human and personal, The researchers have developed  Zoe, which is modeled after actor Zoë Lister. The research team spent days recording Lister as she recited more than 7000 lines in a variety of emotions, including six basic emotions: happy, sad, tender, angry, afraid and neutral.

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