Carnaval La Ceiba, Honduras



The La Ceiba Carnival (Gran Carnaval Internacional de La Ceiba) is an annual celebration in La Ceiba, Honduras held every third or fourth Saturday of May. The event is in held in honor of Saint Isidore the Laborer, the patron saint of the city. The celebration starts at least one week before the main event, which is a big parade followed by an all-night party along Avenida San Isidro (Saint Isidore Avenue, La Ceiba’s main thoroughfare).

In 1917 La Ceiba held its first fair known as “La Feria Isidra” in honor of its patron saint. It was during this event that the city picked the “Reina de la Feria” (Queen of the Fair). In 1968, it was decided that there would be a parade in honor of the Queen of the fair. The parade was held on May 25 with only 5 floats which were sponsored by local businesses. By 1972, over 15 floats were in the parade. In 1976, the first “carnavalito” was held in Barrio Mejia, a local neighborhood. 

Today the festivities start with the crowning of the queen, 2 weeks before the parade. After, on May 14 a small procession with many of the local high schools takes place. The official St. Isidore feast day is on May 15 and it’s a local holiday.