CARICOM concerned about Venezuela protests

According to a report in, The Caribbean Community (CARICOM), has expressed concern about the recent and continuing political confrontations in Venezuela.

The regional body called for respect of the democratically elected government, in a statement deploring recent deaths arising from acts of violence in recent political demonstrations.

CARICUM's statement last Wednesday noted that:

"In all democracies, citizens have the right to air their views and differences, however, this must be done within the constitutional framework and not through violent demonstrations. No democratic society can reasonably pursue disorder or any unwarranted subversion of democratic institutions.”

CARICOM called on all parties to refrain from further action that hinder peaceful resolution of differences and a return to peace in the country.

Thousands of protestors had flooded the streets of Caracas, Venezuela's capital, last Tuesday, after troops arrested opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez on charges of fomenting unrest.

The protests follow Venezuela's municipal elections on December 8th which the opposition Democratic Unity (MUD) alliance saw as a plebiscite against the eight-month-old Maduro government.

However the MUD and its allies received less than 43% of the votes while President Maduro and the PSUV and its allies obtained more than 49%.

Venezuela is part of a growing trend that includes the United States, Egypt, and Ukraine, where the so-called minority democratic opposition refuses to accept or respect duly elected governemnts.