Caribana Caribbean Festival

The annual Caribana Toronto Festival


Toronto’s Caribbean Caribana festival has grown exponentially since its start in 1967 and is currently North America’s largest cultural festival. What was once a three-day event has now grown into three weeks of celebration, absorbing most of the city with its infectious feel-good vibes. Over a million tourists are expected in Toronto during the last week of July.


Thousands of people are expected to attend Caribana to enjoy live music and an array of delicious Caribbean food (Jamaican, Trinidadian, Cuban).

Events include, Pan Alive (the highly entertaining steelpan competition), the Junior Carnival Parade and the King & Queen Competition - where the leaders of the mas (masquerade) bands compete to win the title of King and Queen of the Caribana parade.

Caribana-nightlife events will take place during the parade weekend, get your drink and dance to top North American DJ’s, eat and dance aboard Festival Boat Cruises, check out live Soca, Calypso, dancehall, reggae.


The signature event is the parade held at Exhibition Place & Lakeshore Boulevard. Over 10,000 masquerades will participate as they strut and dance down the 3.6 km Toronto stretch in elaborate costumes, set to the vibrant Caribbean beats of the famed mas bands.

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