In Britain, Blacks from Africa now outnumber blacks from Caribbean

Black people in Britain

According to a  BET report, new census figures from the United Kingdom show the number of Blacks from Africa has surpassed those from the Caribbean for the first time.

The report notes that, "From 2001 to 2011, the number of Black people from Africa rose to 1.7 percent of the general population, from 0.9 percent . While, over the same period, the number of  Black people from the Caribbean remained steady at 1.1 percent of the general population. Over the same period, the number of mixed race people rose to more than 1m for the first time, from 664,000 to 1.2m

Though overall, according to the Telegraph, the black population of Britain remains relatively small at 1.8 million. 

Nonetheless, British professor and author Paul Gilroy notes that although, “The Black community is relatively small, ... its cultural influence is significant,... “We saw that with the Olympics and the image Britain presented of itself to the world. So statistics do tell an important story, but they don’t tell all of our story.... the increase in Blacks from all backgrounds has corresponded to an increase in Black British influence on mainstream culture."

And the cultural influence of the Britons' black population may be felt more in large urban areas such as London where it is concentrated.

Overall, the proportion of white people in Britain has fallen from 91% in 2001 to 86% in 2011. Already in London, less than half of the population is white, with large populations of people who identify themselves as African, Indian and Caribbean.