Brazil's Dilma Roussff signs tough anti femicide law

Dilma Rousseff

Brazil's President Rousseff has signed a tough femicide law into effect which she says is part of a zero tolerance policy toward the killing of women and girls.

The law provides for even longer jail terms for murders of pregnant women, women who have just given birth, girls under 14, and women over 60.

Rousseff acknowledged that 15 women were killed in Brazil each day.

The law strengthens the "Maria da Penha" law to reduce domestic violence that was put in place by former President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in 2006.

Maria da Penha Maia, a celebrated figure in the fight for women's rights in Brazil,  was a woman whose ex-husband beat her for 14 years and attempted to murder her twice which left her paraplegic.

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