Tessanne Chin surges on the View with Jimmy Cliff's many rivers to cross

Tessanne Chin

Jamaican singer 28 year-old Tessanne Chin once again stole the show on The Voice with a stunning rendition of Jimmy Cliff‘s “Many Rivers To Cross.”

There was some debate whether Tessanne, who has toured with Jimmy Cliff as a back-up singer, should sing "Many Rivers to Cross," because of concern the audience would not know the song, despite Jimmy Cliff's popularity, but it turned out to be absolutely the right song.

The song is a beautiful statement about life's struggles and quite appropriate for a contest like The Voice. It allowed Tessanne to show her tremendous vocal range and to highlight her Jamaican background, which is one of the things she has going for her. 

At the end of the song, Tessanne wiped away tears. Christina Aguilera called them "tears of joy," but the lyrics of the song captured the moment for Tessanne.

Quite appropriately, Cee Lo Green chimed in with the title of Bob Marley's song: "No Woman No Cry."

Tessanne's rendition of "Many Rivers to Cross" was so powerful it should have a very positive effect for Jamaican artists and music and for Jimmy Cliff, in particular.

This was the The Voice's first live show and it foretold Tessanne's performance by scheduling her last.